What is Farsi Cinema Center?

FCC is the first moving platform that promotes the Farsi speaking film industry by connecting it with international festivals, markets, workshops, pitching and training platforms as well as audiences.

A Beginner’s Guide to Farsi Cinema: Iran in Focus
In the first edition of our three part series, we place a spotlight on some of the most culturally significant, and industry-forming films from Iranian history. As one of the most active film industries in the world, Iranian cinema is best known for its visual and narrative art house characteristics that demand an awareness from its audiences. The films on our list have all transcended the tests of time, each informing the approach of future filmmakers to come.
The Co-production Effect: How Diverse Teams Can Make Better Films
One of FCC’s main goals is to foster co-productions between Farsi filmmakers and industry leaders around the world. Co-productions have a distinct advantage in the way they tell stories. The diverse interaction of culture and language fosters a higher level of creativity, which can translate into more interesting content.