The Building Legacy of Farsi Cinema at Busan
The recently concluded 24th Busan International Film Festival has propelled a new set of upcoming Farsi directors into the global film scene, furthering its commitment to meet the rising audience demand for greater representation and diversity on screen.
Breaking Borders with Atiq Rahimi
"Politics separates us and art unites us. The work that Farsi Cinema Center is doing is very important with these initiatives and we need to break borders, break what separates us. We need to create a shared life, society, and culture."
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FCC Partners with ACTRA Toronto to Empower Farsi-speaking Talent On-Screen
Working with ACTRA Toronto, we hope to redefine the inclusion of Farsi speakers on screen, and open opportunities for Farsi-speaking communities to share their real life experiences with the world. Behind the propagandized stories of war and violence exist stories of love, heartbreak, family struggles, and happiness – stories Farsi directors are unraveling on the big screen one at a time.
Looking Ahead as Summer Winds Down
Summer has come to its end and some of the biggest feasts of cinema have wrapped up their work for the year. Cannes, Venice, Karlovy Vary, TIFF, Locarno and many other international film festivals have surprised all of us with a long list of great films. FCC takes a brief look at this summer and some of the highlights of the Farsi speaking cinema; films that shined in some of the most prestigious film festivals across the universe.
In Focus with Sonia K. Hadad
“I’d really like to co-produce with different countries, and I’m doing my best to make it happen. That’s the main goal I have in mind. I don’t want to stick to the Iranian film industry, I want to work with different cultures, producers, and cast from all over the world. To experience more, to learn more.”
The whirlwind of TIFF’19 begins!
With less than one week to go until the 44th Toronto International Film Festival, FCC is working around the clock to make the most of the 11-day film festival. This year is more special than ever for us as, for the very first time, FCC will be presenting a handpicked selection of feature film projects to potential producers, festival programmers, distributors, and sales agents during the industry conference.
Farsi Cinema À La Biennale Di Venezia – A History
Despite its struggle with political and cinematic landscapes, Farsi-speaking cinema has thrived over the past few decades, especially at film festivals. The 76th Venice International Film Festival’s lineup, which features two Afghan films, signals an important milestone for Farsi cinema born in the relatively marginalized Afghanistan. FCC examines the history of Farsi cinema at the oldest film festival in the world, with focus on some pivotal turning points and this year’s lineup.
Hunting for Farsi Films at the Bell Lightbox
Although TIFF has had an undeniable impact on the cinema of Iran, the newly-released 2019 festival lineup has indicated a new low for the inclusion of Farsi cinema. Serving as a collective voice for all filmmakers of Farsi backgrounds, Farsi Cinema Center hopes to remedy this missed opportunity by collaborating with local film organizations, such as TIFF, to connect them with the most current Farsi film industry developments.