With over 200 million citizens, the Farsi speaking population which consists of the majority inhabitants of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan as well as their diasporas produces some of the most significant works of cinematography every year. Farsi Cinema Center aims to promote and foster the work of Farsi talent worldwide through a global network of film festivals. We have a partner festival, ÍRÁN:CI , in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and are currently developing Farsi film festivals in Toronto and Mexico City.

In addition to creating a global network of festivals, FCC hopes to represent Farsi filmmakers and industry people at major film festivals around the world. We will be the first official representatives of Farsi cinema at TIFF 2019, and look to establish a physical presence at others as we continue to grow.

Upcoming Festivals:

– June 28 – July 6 /  Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

– September 5-15 / Toronto International Film Festival

– January 2020 / Iran:Ci Festival

– February 10 – March 01 2020 /  Berlin International Film Festival

– May 12-23 2020 / Cannes Lions Festival