Victor (2014)


Video Courtesy of Vimeo by Kaveh Tehrani


After a long time apart, Victor reunites with his girlfriend and goes on holiday, only to discover that he is unable to cope with his recent experiences. His friends arrive for a night of partying – it is during this eventful night, however, where Victor is faced with a difficult decision.

8363 Norwegian soldiers have fought in the war in Afghanistan. Victor is a film about one of them.

Kaveh Tehrani

Kaveh Tehrani is a Norwegian-Iranian writer and director. He is the creative mastermind behind three award-winning short films, 1994 (2011) Victor (2014), and The Manchador (2019). Collectively, his first two shorts received the National Film Award, the FIPRESCI and Golden Dragon prize from Krakow, and Best film at the Drama Short Film Festival, and many more. His most recent film has swept awards at the Norwegian Short Film Festival and Aspen Shorts Fest, so far.

Country of Production: Norway
Running time: 25 min
Audio Track: Norwegian
Subtitles: English
Director: Kaveh Tehrani
Writers: Kaveh Tehran and Hilde Susan Jægtnes
Producers: Magnus Castracane and Jonas Røyem Ny
Production: 4 ½ Film AS
Cast: Trond Nilssen & Kristine Thorp
Music: Diskjokke


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