THE NOISE (2015)


Video Courtesy of Vimeo by Pooya Razi


A young man’s life in an apartment building gets invaded by public norms when a neighbor accuses him of leading an immoral lifestyle and demands that other residents intervene. Using real documented audio footage, the film explores the line between individual privacy and public “noise”.

Director’s Bio:
Pooya Razi

Pooya Razi is a visual artist living and working in Tehran. Born in 1984, Razi holds a BA in Painting from the University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts. He is also a writer of poetry and short stories, he was inspired to make The Noise, his first film, after documenting a conflict among neighbors in an average residential complex.

Country of Production: Iran
Audio Track: Farsi
Subtitles: English
Director: Pooya Razi
Writer: Pooya Razi
Producer: Pooya Razi, Simmer Sawhney
Cast: Amirali Mohebinjad, Pedram Razi
Editor: Pooya Razi
Music: Pedram Niksirat
Sound: Javad Safari
Animation: Mina Poorkarimi, Marjan Razavi


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