source: 3 Faces, 2018. (Jafar Panahi). Picture:


by Rasha Rehman, Juhi Dhingra

Filmmakers often use life experiences as inspirations in their creative work. Iranian director Jafar Panahi used his detrimental filmmaking ban as a muse to create a compelling film, 3 Faces.

While Panahi directed and produced the dramatic film, he also plays the role of a supporting character. The recurring theme of censorship often plays an integral role in Panahi’s films, but 3 Faces has been recognized for its shift from the filmmaker’s oppressed and restricted lifestyle to the subject of Iranian womanhood and independence.

source:  3 Faces, 2018. Picture:

Moreover, the film has developed its high status through its admirable Iranian cast and crew. While 3 Faces was produced within Panahi’s own film production company Jafar Panahi Productions, the film had been distributed by Celluloid Dreams, a French distribution company that states they are designated to support ‘high-profile, director-driven independent films.’

FCC supports and encourages films that allow for co-production opportunities within Farsi-speaking films. Exploiting international production and distribution companies as a method to promote collaborations with multicultural films will benefit and enhance not only the future of Farsi cinema, but shape the time to come for global art.

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