There is a strong desire from the Farsi film industry to be involved in international co-production scenarios. However, in the last ten years, only a handful of meaningful collaborations have taken place where Farsi filmmakers have been able to benefit from the inputs of international partners. Such gap is due to the absence of strong mediators who can build a sturdy bridge connecting the film industries of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan with the rest of the world.

With a diverse network of film professionals and experts, FCC strives to be the first and only independent film center facilitating international co-productions with the Farsi film industry by:

  • Organizing a series of industry programs within our partner film festivals with a strong focus on co-productions with the Farsi film industry,
  • Hosting receptions and networking sessions at major film festivals, providing a singular space and connection between the Farsi industry with the rest of the world,
  • Serving as a platform to share new stories, resulting in the development of new content and facilitation of co-production deals,
  • Creating a database of Farsi speaking producers, directors, actors, editors, and crew members looking to work on co-productions, especially those in Canada.