Filmmakers Without Borders
Making a profound and precious work of art in a foreign land can be an exciting odyssey only if the connections with one’s roots are filled with life. It is only then, that great artists can travel the world, observe and understand the other ways of life, and tell the stories of other lands and horizons in ways that will stay with us forever.
Berlinale 2020: The 70th Edition Pumps New Farsi Blood!
Since its founding, Berlinale has never shied away from artistically pioneering and defiantly daring films. In addition to programming films and involving filmmakers from the Farsi-speaking region in their side events, the festival has become a hot-bed for premiering Iranian-European co productions and films from Farsi filmmakers born and raised outside the Farsi-speaking region.
2018 Sundance Film Festival - Egyptian Theatre, Park City, USA - 22 Jan 2018
Dancing to Glory: Farsi Cinema at Sundance 2020
The 36th Sundance Film Festival concluded this week with major wins for Farsi-related cinema. The standouts this year included Yalda, A Night For Forgiveness, Exam, and Daughter—each of which won awards in major categories. Read on to witness Farsi cinema’s journey thus far at the world’s biggest indie film festival.
The Oscars: Afghanistan’s Robust Film Industry Revival
Last week, FCC took a look through big moments in the history of the Oscars for the Iranian film industry. This week, we switch our focus to the gems of Afghan filmmakers, whose work and lives are challenging the very conceptions the rest of the world holds against them.
The Oscars: Iran’s Shifting Cinema Movements
While none of the Oscars nominees this year were from Iran or Afghanistan, these two Farsi-speaking countries have brought a wellspring of diverse talent and exciting films to the academy over the past three decades. Through a two part series on both Iranian and Afghan cinematic treasures, FCC takes a look back on past winners and contenders from the Farsi region at the Oscars.
Creating a Cinematic Universe with Maryam Zarei
“I am not sure where I will be going or working. I don’t mind if I have to go back to Iran or travel somewhere else to make my films, I just want to make films - it is the most important thing to me. It is my passion.”
Kicking Off 2020 With ÍRÁN:CI
2020’s film festival scene is all set to begin with the 9th edition of ÍRÁN:CI in the Czech Republic and Slovakia from January 15–31, 2020. This week, we take a look at the festival’s striking lineup.
Tiff FCC Event
2019 – A Year in Review
As new year celebrations come to an end, FCC takes a minute to reflect on the biggest moments of the past year. With a growing team and fresh perspectives, FCC takes a look back at the strides made in 2019, and offers a glimpse into what’s in store for 2020.
A Glimpse of ÍRÁN:CI
Gearing up for its ninth edition, the festival teamed up with the newly-opened Screenshot in Prague to host a lively warm-up to the festival earlier this month. The bustling event showcased one internationally-acclaimed feature, one breathtaking documentary, and nine sensational shorts.