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What is Farsi Cinema Center?

Farsi Cinema Center is a Toronto-based nonprofit, nonpartisan platform connecting the Farsi film industries of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan with the rest of the world. As the premier worldwide initiative devoted to Farsi cinema, its focus is on creating the space for networking, idea exchange, and collaboration among filmmakers, producers, talent, distributors and executives in film.

No hard feelings
Don’t worry! There are No Hard Feelings in Futur Drei!
First-time director Faraz Shariat smoothly sets the main quests of his semi-biographical film from the very beginning. Identity, gender, homosexuality, race, ethnicity, and immigrant status in German society are all brought into question.
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The Contemporary State of Tajik Cinema
International cinema has exclusive images that are profoundly rooted in a certain irreproducible culture. The future of Tajik cinema depends on the evolution of the country’s policies and principal ideologies.