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by Rasha Rehman, Juhi Dhingra

Filmmakers who engage in co-production are aptly considered ‘international filmmakers’ – they strive to amalgamate distinct points of view and voices. This facilitates a more out-of-the-box final product and provides projects access to a wider pool of resources, funding, and technology. Timur Bekmambetov’s Profile is one such example of global cinematic collaboration. The film, recently nominated at the North Bend Film Festival, was a coming together of talent from various parts of the world – the director is Russian-Kazakh; it stars Irish actress Valene Kane, British actor Shazad Latif, English-American actress Christine Adams, and Iran-born actor Amir Rahimzadeh. This ensemble lent an authentic appeal to the final product.

source: Profile, 2018 ( Timur Berkmambetov ). Picture:

Another purpose of such collaborations is to avoid misrepresentations – one of the best examples is Argo. While no one can deny the high entertainment value of the thriller, it is noteworthy how the parts that allegedly represent Iran have such factual inconsistencies with respect to representation of the culture and life on the streets of the country. Such issues can be avoided easily by having a person who is well-versed with life in that country on the advisory board.

source: Argo, 2012 (Ben Aflleck). Picture:

An international co-production is similar in ways to a marriage of cultural identities, nationalities, and experiences. A co-production effort benefits film crews all over the world and allows producers access to a wider talent base to create a more holistic piece of art – one that doesn’t fall short on correct representation and funding. It is important to recognize, however, that in order to reap the benefits of co-production, project teams must put in a lot of groundwork – which is often compared to childbirth owing to the rigorous endeavors attached to the process.

For filmmakers – both experienced and novices – aspiring to make their projects grander and global, the good news is that help is at hand, with Farsi Cinema Center’s aim to provide an impetus to co-production efforts. With our widespread network and access to resources, we aim to foster collaboration among cinematic talent from various nations and help them delight audiences across the world

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